Winstrol Only Cycle and its Potential Side Effects

man posing showing his muscled bicep

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that has gained a lot of popularity over the decades. Among them, athletes, due to its ability to lower body fat, increase muscle tissue and greatly enhance athletic performance.

However, the potential Winstrol side effects are quite possible. To learn more about Winstrol and what to expect from a cycle, this report discusses various issues concerning this steroid. Among them are;

  1. The time one should wait for the results to become evident
  2. The cycle and the expectations
  3. Possible results of Winstrol
  4. Consequences of women taking Winstrol
  5. The negative side effects of Winstrol
  6. How long should one wait for the Winstrol results to appear?

Once taken, results will begin slightly appearing within the first 1-2 weeks. But all is determined by the quality of the steroid, and each individual and his or her willingness to diet and train hard.

The results are not uniform for everyone. For faster results, one is required to train hard and follow a strict diet.

Results to expect on a Winstrol cycle

Week 1

A lot of unnecessary water is lost after the first week thus making your muscle feel harder and tighter. Your body and appearance will improve enough to start receiving some compliments.

Week 2

The second week sees you shedding a lot of fat. This time, your muscles become more ripped and stronger to an extent of making you have the ability to lift heavier weights.

week 4

After 4 weeks of strict diet and hard training, your body will be hugely improved from pre-cycle. Your physique becomes more ripped and stronger and your body becomes more athletic. You are now able to lift heavier weights than ever before.

week 6

After 6 weeks, your muscles are now harder and stronger and you no longer have unnecessary water weight. Your improved physique is now evident to friends and family.

What can Women expect from a Winstrol cycle

Basically, women can expect the same Winstrol results as those gotten by men. If any woman wishes to shed several pounds of weight and get a firm and tight body, Winstrol can be a solution. One only needs to know that women suffer more negative side effects compared to men.

Negative side effects of Winstrol

After enjoying the good results of the Winstrol cycle, there are numerous potential side effects attached to this product. The worst effect is liver damage due to making it work much harder because it’s breaking down the steroid. Other potential side effects of Winstrol are:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Future heart disease
  • Rise in cholesterol
  • Lower sperm count
  • Profuse sweating

Women also suffer from the following side effects:

  • Deepening of the voice
  • Loss of feminine traits such as breasts
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Facial hair growth

The above are just some of the negative results that one may from experience from the Winstrol cycle. This steroid works well in helping one to achieve a good athletic figure but it can also cost you your health as the associated risks are numerous.

But please note that these side effects are not certain to happen. Each and every person is different and will react differently to this steroid.

Tanning Tablets vs. Sunbeds

Are you looking for the ideal product or technique to achieve and maintain your desired sun tanned look?  Do you find it challenging, because of the wide range of tanning products and techniques available today, to find the formula that best suits your individual tanning needs?  Are you torn between tanning tablets vs. sunbeds and are not certain which would serve you best?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the folks at Rio can certainly help.Top-Rated Tanning TabletsHaving dedicated much research and many studies to the production and development of tanning tablets, the company stands firmly behind their state of the art, highly effective Rio Tanning Tablets.  These tanning pills are not only effective but they are FDA approved and very safe.  They work right along with your body to produce Melanin that creates pigmentation and effectively present with tanning results over time that satisfy the requirements and desires of their users.

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Tanning Tablets or Sun Tanning Beds?

Tanning Tablets vs. SunbedsPeople everywhere are familiar with the results sunbeds present with and for many people, sunbeds are the chosen method of acquiring a deep dark tan without having to expose themselves to the direct UV rays of the sun.  However, what many people do not know is that the UV rays in a stand up tanning bed are every bit as harmful and dangerous as are the UV rays of the sun.  Sunbeds may produce deep dark tans, just like direct sunlight does, but they produce tans with a wide range of side effects and the dangers of skin cancer as well.

People who are concerned about the dangers and risks of sun tanning and who know full well that a stand up tanning bed or the direct rays of the sun are not the ideal solution to their sun tanning issues, have come to recognize sun tanning tablets as an ideal, effective, safe and natural way of acquiring a beautiful, dark tan.  There are a variety of sun tanning tablets available in the marketplace today and some do present with side effects.  However, the all natural, organic Rio Sun Tan Tablets present with no side effects or dangerous risks and do deliver dark, healthy tans over time.

People who are cautious about sun tanning and want to avoid the risks and dangers are fast becoming fans of the now ever-popular Rio Tanning Tablets.  Tanning in the direct UV rays of the sun, under tanning lamps, or in a stand up tanning bed are no longer the number one choice of many sun tan worshipers, but rather sun tanning tablets, and primarily Rio Sun Tanning Tablets at that.

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Why Tanning Tablets are the Safest Option

In today’s world, so many people are all about acquiring and maintaining a tanned body year round.  So many people feel that a tanned body gives them not only a healthier look, but also provides a self-confidence booster.  With that said, there are truly a wide range of resources, products and techniques for getting a deep, dark tan and for maintaining that very tan year round.  From sunbeds, tanning lamps and spray tans, to tanning lotions and creams, and even tanning tablets, the number of resources is many.TANINNING-PILLS

Everybody who knows anything about tanning, knows how dangerous it is to tan often in the direct UV rays of the sun.  Statistics and research have proven that excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can definitely contribute to abundant side effects and risks such as aged skin, excessive wrinkles and lines, sun blotches, and even skin cancer.  Knowing and understanding these risk factors has forced people to seek out other means to tan without the sun. 

Varied Resources, Products and Techniques for Tanning

Many people are committed to the use of tanning beds, often referred to as sunbeds.  Funny as it may seem, the name sunbeds truly says it all.  The fact is that the UV rays that are found in tanning beds/sunbeds are the equivalent of the direct UV rays of the sun and present with the same high level of side effects and risk factors and, actually do cause all the same dangerous and harmful side effects.  Sunbeds also contribute to the many extreme cases of skin cancer in the U.S. every year.

Other people are dedicated to the use of sun tanning lamps, which, as many of us know, are again the same equivalent of the sun’s UV rays and those of sunbeds.  Sun tanning lamps utilize the same powerful UV rays as sunbeds and also deliver the same dangerous side effects and risks to users.

Yet another sun tanning source is that of tanning sprays.  Visiting a salon and engaging in sun tanning sprays has proven to be somewhat safe.  The tanning sprays do not incorporate any type of UV rays, therefore, delivering results that are not harmful, dangerous, or even deadly making this a tanning choice of many.uv-rays

Further tanning resources available today are effective sun tanning tablets.  Tanning tablets are fast becoming the tanning technique and product of choice because they present with no real side effects at all.  Within this vast category are the ever-popular Spa Tanning Tablets that allow users to tan without the sun and enjoy results that are every bit as attractive and extreme as those gained by use of direct sunlight, sunbeds, and tanning lamps.

The wonderful thing about Spa Tanning Tablets is the fact that they are not only safe and effective, but they are all natural organic and FDA approved.  With so many tanning options on the market today, the studies and statistics have revealed that tanning tablets are by far the safest means of tanning available today.  Tanning tablets simply work right alongside your own body composition to produce and increase Melanin that is accountable for pigmentation in the body.  Disciplining yourself to take a tanning tablet a day is not only a simple task to accomplish, but indeed far more practical that over exposing your body to harmful UV rays that are both dangerous and even deadly.

With all that we have learned about tanning products and techniques today, it goes without saying that tanning tablets, and especially, Spa Tanning Tablets are the safest and still the most effective way of acquiring a deep, dark beautiful tan and maintaining it all year round.

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How To Use Winstrol In Bodybuilding


To get the very best results in bodybuilding, you need to have both your diet and your training on point and a real commitment to follow a dedicated plan.

But even the most disciplined bodybuilders reach a plateau where it’s impossible to take the next step in perfecting their physique.

Anabolic steroids are the logical next step for many bodybuilders, helping to sculpt, bulk and define their bodies even further. Winstrol is a drug that provide powerful results; here’s a look at how to use it.

Cutting or bulking

Winstrol is renowned for its ability to help the body shed excess water, acting as a diuretic as well as melting away subcutaneous fat.

These dual actions mean that it’s incredibly effective during a cutting cycle and this is its primary use, rather than being used for bulking.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that although it can really blitz away fat and help to create definition, it’s also excellent at preserving lean tissue. This allows the individual to achieve supreme definition without any loss of bulk or lean tissue.

Because it retains lean muscle, it’s possible to use Winstrol during bulking too as it takes away some of the soft puffiness that can be added. However, because it can be a tough drug to tolerate its use is generally reserved for cutting cycles.

Using Winstrol in a stack

winstrol-bodybuildingWinstrol is a potent enough steroid to be used on its own, and it can certainly achieve excellent results particularly for cutting.

However in reality Winstrol is more often used in a stack because there’s the risk of hepatic overload at higher doses. It can also cause a rise in LDL cholesterol, another undesirable side effect.

By adding Winstrol into a stack, the potential for intolerable side effects is reduced and the benefits can be amplified.

Because Winstrol is a C17 alpha alkylated anabolic steroid, it should not be stacked with any other drugs which are the same because the toxicity on the liver can be excessive.

It can stack well with other types of steroid though, and any cycle based on testosterone, Equipoise and Winstrol will generally fare very well.

Female bodybuilders can opt to combine Winstrol with Equipoise and Primobolan to get the desired cutting effect.

You can find out more about the potential uses for Winstrol from the anabolic steroid experts, Wrath Labs.


For anabolic steroids including Winstrol UK law categorises them as a Class C drug. This means that although it’s illegal to sell it, you won’t be prosecuted for owning it. This means that you can purchase the drug from overseas without any worries about breaking the law.

Be aware that if you plan on going out of the country, other nations such as the US have much tighter laws and consider even possession to be a criminal offence.

Why Tbol Is My Favourite Oral Steroid

Turinabol also referred to as Tbol or T-bol, is actually an altered form of Dianabol. Due to this modification, it does not aromatize and carries an extremely low androgenic rating. That is why many athletes and bodybuilders call it a “mild Dianabol”.

Tbol tablets

Turinabol is my favourite oral steroid, and for several good reasons:

  1. It Has a Moderate Anabolic Rating – Tbol has a mild anabolic rating of 54 and an extremely low androgeninc rate of only 6. This distinctive difference between anabolic and androgenic effects is what makes it my favourite steroid and also favourable among people who are susceptible to experiencing side effects from comparable steroids. Despite the fact that it is slightly liver toxic, the risk of liver damage can be reduced by taking the lowest dose that generates favourable results for the shortest possible duration.
  1. Slow but Steady High-quality Muscle Gains – Turinabol offers comparatively slow but superior muscle gains without the threat of bloating, gynecomastia or additional estrogen conversion-related effects. It is rather weak and so the majority of athletes use is as a cutting agent in fat-loss cycles.Tbol results
  1. Tbol Side Effects – Turnabol side effects are almost non-existent provided it is used in accordance with directions. With this drug, there is no danger of estrogenic side effects like bloating or gynecomastia since it does not aromatize at all. Even though Tbol’s androgenic abilities are weakened, due to the dual bond between the first and second carbons, some possibility of androgen-related side effects still exists mainly in females.

It is assumed that it is actually not as hepatotoxic as its cousin, Dianabol. All the same, cycle length can be limited and breaks taken in between cycles as there is still some concern in regards to hepatotoxicity. Turinabol is available in injectable form which does not trigger liver toxicity. This allows for prolonged cycles as well as higher doses.

  1. Tbol Can Be Used To Enhance The Performance Of Other Steroids – Tbol is a very versatile steroid which can be used in different ways in order to optimize the results from it. It works well in both bulking and cutting cycles as it enhances the performance of other steroids, with actually very few side effects. Tbol is a great option for performance enhancement. Generally, it can offer some gains when used alone but it is better when it is combined with another steroid, a concrete solid plan, plus an exercise routine that fits specific goals.

It has the ability to bind with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), meaning any other steroid paired with Tbol will be able to move freely in the entire body, particularly to the muscles where they can be helpful in building lean tissue. When Turinabol is combined with a popular cutting steroid like Primobolan Depot, it enables that particular steroid to retain lean muscles mass better in times of calorific shortfall. Turinabol results tend to speak for themselves in such circumstances.

Turinabol is ideal for beginners who want to try anabolic steroids.  It is well tolerated by most people and even advanced users combine it with other compounds in a bid to make them more effectual.

So you can see from the above reasons why Tbol is my favourite oral steroid.