Why Tbol Is My Favourite Oral Steroid

Turinabol also referred to as Tbol or T-bol, is actually an altered form of Dianabol. Due to this modification, it does not aromatize and carries an extremely low androgenic rating. That is why many athletes and bodybuilders call it a “mild Dianabol”.

Tbol tablets

Turinabol is my favourite oral steroid, and for several good reasons:

  1. It Has a Moderate Anabolic Rating – Tbol has a mild anabolic rating of 54 and an extremely low androgeninc rate of only 6. This distinctive difference between anabolic and androgenic effects is what makes it my favourite steroid and also favourable among people who are susceptible to experiencing side effects from comparable steroids. Despite the fact that it is slightly liver toxic, the risk of liver damage can be reduced by taking the lowest dose that generates favourable results for the shortest possible duration.
  1. Slow but Steady High-quality Muscle Gains – Turinabol offers comparatively slow but superior muscle gains without the threat of bloating, gynecomastia or additional estrogen conversion-related effects. It is rather weak and so the majority of athletes use is as a cutting agent in fat-loss cycles.Tbol results
  1. Tbol Side Effects – Turnabol side effects are almost non-existent provided it is used in accordance with directions. With this drug, there is no danger of estrogenic side effects like bloating or gynecomastia since it does not aromatize at all. Even though Tbol’s androgenic abilities are weakened, due to the dual bond between the first and second carbons, some possibility of androgen-related side effects still exists mainly in females.

It is assumed that it is actually not as hepatotoxic as its cousin, Dianabol. All the same, cycle length can be limited and breaks taken in between cycles as there is still some concern in regards to hepatotoxicity. Turinabol is available in injectable form which does not trigger liver toxicity. This allows for prolonged cycles as well as higher doses.

  1. Tbol Can Be Used To Enhance The Performance Of Other Steroids – Tbol is a very versatile steroid which can be used in different ways in order to optimize the results from it. It works well in both bulking and cutting cycles as it enhances the performance of other steroids, with actually very few side effects. Tbol is a great option for performance enhancement. Generally, it can offer some gains when used alone but it is better when it is combined with another steroid, a concrete solid plan, plus an exercise routine that fits specific goals.

It has the ability to bind with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), meaning any other steroid paired with Tbol will be able to move freely in the entire body, particularly to the muscles where they can be helpful in building lean tissue. When Turinabol is combined with a popular cutting steroid like Primobolan Depot, it enables that particular steroid to retain lean muscles mass better in times of calorific shortfall. Turinabol results tend to speak for themselves in such circumstances.

Turinabol is ideal for beginners who want to try anabolic steroids.  It is well tolerated by most people and even advanced users combine it with other compounds in a bid to make them more effectual.

So you can see from the above reasons why Tbol is my favourite oral steroid.